Sunday, March 8, 2009

Fashion Designer Book

Design Techniques, Catwalk to Street by Sandra Burke

ISBN: 0-9582 391-2-6
176 Pages, Size: 210x297mm (A4)

Fully Illustrated in colour, worked examples, sketches and photos
Price: UK £17.95, US $29.95, SA R199.95, AUS $49.95, NZ $49.95, HK $199.95
To be published: Work in progress.

Fashion Designer will help you develop your portfolio of fashion design skills while guiding you through the design process in today's fashion industry.

This book explains how to analyse and forecast fashion trends, interpret a design brief, select fabrics and colour ways, develop designs, create fashion design presentations and design fashion collections for specific target markets in the fashion industry.

Color Forecast

Stahl has produced its latest seasonal color forecast for Spring and Summer of 2010 in both booklet and poster formats.

The poster uses a striking image which is ideal for both decorative and functional purpose. The booklet, on the other hand, has been designed to provide customers with additional illustrative information which attempts to suggest how and where the colors may be used thus creating a clearer understand of the background thinking behind its design. The aim is to bring into focus a closer relationship between fashion effects and colors and ways in which leather will support these.

The booklet presents two themes, "Bringing the unexpected to everyday!" and "creating a sense of individuality!" With fashion trends changing so quickly in today's world, the booklet presents designers and consumers with a creative vista of appealing "appetizers" divided into six groups of color, each with an individual feel.





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